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How Blue Swift Consulting Can Help You

Keynote Speaking

As an event organizer, you've put countless hours into pulling together a winning line-up of sessions and content for your audience. As a keynote speaker, my job is to connect the dots for your audience and energize them to leverage the experience you've curated for them as rocket fuel for change.


I provide targeted guidance to help you tackle transitions within your organization, reinforcing connections within your teams and helping them leverage transition to drive operational effectiveness. We'll collaborate to build and deliver against your organization's short-, medium-, and long-term action plans to build your systematic approach to change.

Workshop Facilitation

Change is a team sport. I work with groups to not only introduce new knowledge and ways of working, but also to drive connection between members and with the organization at large, because it is through connection and engagement that we're able to amplify our impact as leaders.

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Meet Alyssa Cox

Founder of Blue Swift Consulting

Specializing in organizational effectiveness, Alyssa Cox works with organizations and individuals to not only successfully execute change, but to thrive in moments of transition.

An inveterate explorer, she holds degrees in English Literature, Pharmacology, and Business, and has worked with clients all over the world, including China, Ireland, and Latin America.

Alyssa has over 14 years of consulting and coaching experience with Fortune 100 companies across a wide range of industries, including automotive, pharmaceuticals, software, and consumer products.  She is passionate about helping people rethink the way they tap into the power of change to achieve their goals and strengthen their communities.


“Objective oriented networking was a big success. The thought provoking process of identifying mentors with purpose on purpose was amazing.”

Jeff Dugdale

Queens University of Charlotte

“Restarting a career can be overwhelming and depressing. In just over one hour of Alyssa’s time, I feel prepared, confident, and excited about my path in front of me.”

Theresa C.

The Mom Project

Keynotes and Workshops

Objective-Oriented Networking

Putting your Network to Work

Networking is an important part of your personal and professional development toolkit, not just for growing your career, but also for accomplishing your goals in role. Nevertheless, the prospect of building and maintaining your network can feel daunting. It's time to take your team's approach to networking to the next level.

This is no tutorial on establishing eye contact, remembering names, and making small talk. The Objective-Oriented Networking model is a framework that you can leverage throughout your career to build your network as a strategic asset. At the end of this program, participants come away with concrete tools to clearly articulate your goals to help you deepen engagement with your network, understand the roles people in your network play in helping you achieve those goals, and recognize and remediate gaps in your network.

This program is appropriate for one-off professional development sessions, as well as incorporated into multi-session leadership development programs that address participants' evolving networking needs over time.

Fueling with Failure

Harnessing the Power of Trying Hard Stuff

Some of my most gratifying experiences of professional growth have taken place when I was able to test my boundaries, learn new skills, and fail with support. Failure is a necessary feature of attempting difficult things, and it's those difficult things that lead to breakthrough achievement. The sooner we learn to embrace failure early and often, the sooner we can unlock the latent potential in our teams and organizations

During this conversation we'll explore how attitudes toward failure relate to attitudes toward risk, how to recognize those attitudes toward risk in your own teams and organizations, and explore tactical things you can start doing TODAY to help yourself and your team build a more productive relationship with the stuff that didn't go so hot.

This program is appropriate for opening and closing keynotes, as well as stand-alone professional development sessions focused on team culture and effectiveness.

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